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Aangan Aapno Kaa

Aangan Aapno Kaa realsed on December 11, 2023. Sonylive and Sony Sab tv serial.
Main Cast:
The principal cast of Aangan Aapno Kaa is Mohan Joshi, Bhanwar Singh, Smita Jaykar, Anuj Gupta, and Priyanka Singh. Suraj Singh and Madhavi.
The plot of the Aangan Aapno Kaa series revolves around patriarch Bhanwar Singh, a well-known and wise elder who maintains his family’s customs and values. Each family member has an own style as well as their own set of goals and difficulties resulting in a picture of diverse feelings and links. He lives with his huge cousins including his wife kids daughters-in-law, and a grandchild. The serial successfully mixes a variety of sub-plots like young people’s sexual tangles cultural disputes and the daily struggles of keeping unity in a joint family.

It also addresses social issues like as gender roles learning and the tension between tradition and progress. It also addresses problems cultural like as gender roles learning and the battle between tradition and change. The serial expertly weaves a range of sub-plots including young people’s sexual tangles rival cultures and the daily problems of maintaining unity in a joint family. All upcoming news of this serial is available on our website Yodesiserial.

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