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Popular Indian television drama series Anupama Realse dated July 13, 2020, and runs on Star Plus. 

Main Cast:

Anupama Shah (Rupali Ganguly): the protagonist a dedicated woman and mother who rediscovers her self-esteem and her independence.

Vanraj Shah (Sudhanshu Pandey): Anupama’s husband whose infidelity and authoritarian nature become a turning point in Anupama’s life.

Kavya Gandhi (Madalsa Sharma): Vanraj’s colleague and love interest, whose liaison with Vanraj creates troubles in the Shah family.

Samar Shah (Paras Kalnawat): Son of support and magnet of Anupama and Vanraj.

Story overview:

Anupama Shah a kind mom whose life centers around her family is the main character of the story. With her devotion, she is often disliked by her lover Vanraj, and the kids. Anupama world sinks upon learning of Vanraj’s extramarital romance with Kavya. The betrayal forces her to look back on her life and follow goals she had long since forgotten.

By focusing on his professional development education and personal progress Anupama regains himself. She encounters cultural hurdles and opposition from her family along the way but she never wavers in her will to become strong. The play highlights the value of variety in the rules of family life the rights of women and self-respect. A lot of people have highlighted Rupali Ganguly d’Anupama’s powerful image which has made the drama a significant success on Indian television. Make many trips to our website Yodesiserial to gain free entry to each show.

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